Prologue, 1'51''. PART OF FILIRA videos installation. 2014.

Comeback, 1'55''. PART OF FILIRA videos installation. 2014.

 Nostalgia derives from the Greek words nos (returning home) and algia (pain), referring to a longing for the loss of the familiar. The word was coined in 17th century Switzerland to describe a disease, also known as the Swiss illness.

My father is the child of a greek refugee and immigrant worker in post-World War II Switzerland. The distant land of Greece has become a myth over time. 

Starting from this banal history, a contemporary archaeological quest takes place in the ongoing present, between my father and I. A dynamic relationship between tangible truths and oral histories. A complex web where conscious legacy and unconscious memory are melted. A twisted nostalgia ghost living inside a mature man. My family status changes but another family take its place on this immigration game. During the current rise of fascism in modern-day Europe, a reaffirmation of the multicultural identity is necessary.

I started this quest with my father, but I would like to continue it alone. I want to search for new perspectives in this reality/fiction binary, and go away from these heavy legacies by involving locals and enter into a dialogue about their collective memories, and furthermore how they would like to re-invent them. Engaging in a quasi-anthropological approach in a country filled with myths. Exaggeration engaging with props, music and tourism cliché data that I may find in internet. I will adopt a tourist attitude in keeping its etymology in mind; tourism coming from the ancient greek tornos instrument to drawing a circle combine with the suffixe –ist suggest the action of moving in a circle.

With which I will attempt to heal my Swiss illness in a playful way by overlapping tourism concept and immigration legacies with the helps of the locals.









I wish I could , 4'17''. PART OF FILIRA videos installation. 2014.

A journey's cab, 3'33''. PART OF FILIRA videos installation. 2014.