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Pôle Emotion

Dazzling light, flamboyant colours, the loudspeakers spew irritating music interrupted by larcins. We are in March 2012 at the comptoir of the north of Vaud. The show you just saw, intends to rib of inhibitions in presenting pole dancing as a sport. Casual clothing, costumes, sensual and provocative posing, with the most important but yet simple element: the pole. The dominant language applied in the discourse about pole dancing remains intriguingly “politically correct”.

This is not striptease! It’s about removing all connections to sex. The discrepancy between the discourse and the show has opened up a space for a form of denial. The first few lines were made up mostly of children.

A gesture and certain weariness are perceptible in their eyes. After all the protagonists were their mothers, their aunts; woman next door. Therefore I started asking myself whether our mothers instill the feminine dimension in their daughters. Is this really femininity? What memories do we keep of our mothers? What feminine moments have marked us in our youth life?

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