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What interest me in this work were the exchanges that occurred between the

protagonists and their picture taken as well as the palpable tension. I

say palpable  tension since the instructions where to remain in their own

reflection.The theme of

their reflection was given in advance and individually. They could not speak but

where allowed to move, only slowly and without touching each other. At that point

this the camera entered their intimates spaces. Being able to build a picture, a fake

image with true emotions with people who don’t play, take, and enables to elaborate

narration fragments without beginning or ending. Achieving the right equilibrium

between the group and the individual, which aspect does nonetheless to prevail?

This work deals with the construction of an image and a portrait. I was inspired by


James Coleman and by looking more closely the pictorial style of a group, mainly in


Holland around the seventeenth century.




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